World History Detective

World History Detective

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Founder of The Classical Historian John De Gree has written World History Detective for The Critical Thinking Company. This book follows the Mission Statement of The Classical Historian, and it is the BEST junior high level text for Ancient and Medieval History. If you are looking for a history text that tells the past from the perspective of the Western Tradition, this is your textbook! .

Winner of the Tillywig Brainchild Award:

"World History Detective eliminates the possibility of the passive student. Instead of simply providing facts for rote memorization, it requires students to assess what is put before them, to ferret out evidence and draw inferences and conclusions based on that evidence. And it systematically provides the necessary tools to do so. Through the structure and content of the book, the student gains formidable critical thinking and analytical skills, and an understanding of not just the material presented, but of a process of how to delve into any material and come away with the core knowledge.

The focus of Book 1 is on ancient and medieval world civilizations, with content skills based on common state social studies standards for Grades 6 and 7.

Each lesson is brief - a page or so followed by a series of questions and a concept map to be completed - keeping the reader fully engaged.

Questions are multiple choice, short answer, and short essay. Sentences in the lessons are numbered, and students use these numbers to identify supporting evidence when answering questions, nipping in the bud any tendency towards guessing.

World History Detective is effective as a standalone textbook, as an enhancement to another textbook, or as a review course for older students. In any event, the benefits the student gains from it will be lifelong.

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