Casting Nines -  A Quick Check For Math Computation

Casting Nines - A Quick Check For Math Computation

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Help students eliminate careless mistakes from their math papers with a simple method of checking that works with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Most students view casting nines as a game or puzzle, and check their work more carefully than ever before. This reproducible book will enable you to learn to cast nines right along with your students!

Carolyn's Comments: This little known, yet very simple technique can make math much easier for students and parents alike. Our great-grandparents knew and used these procedures but they are all but forgotten today. As an added bonus, your students will score much higher on the computation portions of tests - including standardized tests. I have used these techniques for years when I want to check my math - even when I use a calculator (it only takes one slip of a finger to get it wrong on a calculator).

ISBN13: 9781879478091
ISBN: 1879478099