Life of Fred: Butterflies

Life of Fred: Butterflies

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Product Description

The second book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series; the second book of kindergarten material.

Life of Fred: Butterflies is intended for 5-7 year old students and can be read aloud and enjoyed together with your child. Life of Fred math books are unique. They present all the operations of mathematics through practical applications from the life of Fred, a five year old prodigy who teaches mathematics at KITTENS University somewhere in Kansas. Through the hilarious adventures of this diminutive professor, your child will learn not just how to "do" math but how to USE math. In other words, Fred teaches math mainly with very amusing "word problems." Instead of pages and pages of drill, Fred teaches by use and practical example. Even the problem sets are fun and are called: "Your Turn to Play."

Life of Fred books are not consumable and have a sturdy hard cover binding, allowing them to be passed from one child to another for many years.

For many children, Life of Fred will meet their math needs as they are quite comprehensive and teach the concepts well. There is quite a bit of review as well. However, some children will need extra help using manipulatives, games or other practice materials to thoroughly master the concepts. This is not due to any deficiency with Fred's teaching, but rather a fact of life that children have different learning styles and some learn math concepts faster or more easily than others.


One Yard = 3 Feet, Numbers that Add to 9, Counting by twos, Reading 5:10 on a Clock, Facts about Butterflies, Chrysalis vs. Cocoon, Braces, Parentheses and Brackets, Christina Rossetti, Sheet Music for ďBut Not Alone,Ē Domenico Fettiís Archimedes Thoughtful, Exclamation Points, Bad Things about Sugar, One Good Thing about Sugar, Marvin Stoneís Invention of the Paper Straw 1888, Orionís Belt, Betelgeuse, Why Not Every Three Stars Can Make a Triangle, Collinear, Reading 5:55 on a Clock, Book Signings, Why You Can Not Walk In a Room, Deliberate vs. Inadvertent, How to Say Toenail in German, Ordinal Numbers, Yurts, Half Past Six, a Nebula is Not a Star, Light Years, the Alphabet Game, a Dozen, Perpendicular, p.m. (post meridiem), Syncope, Sheet Music for ďThe Crash of the Bell Tower,Ē Quotation Marks inside of Quotation Marks, A Bakerís Dozen, Spine of a Book, Naissance, Lie vs. Lay, Whole Numbers, Cardinal Numbers, Trillion, Quadrillion and Quintillion, Aleph-null, Kingieís Brothers, States that Begin with the Letter M, ∞, Saying Thank You, Virgilís Aeneid, History of Pizza, How to Set a Table.

ISBN: 978-0-9791072-5-2
128 pages

Carolyn's Comments: Since adding Life of Fred books to our line one year ago (summer 2010), we have found it difficult to keep up with the demand. Mother's report that children who previously "hated" math now take "Fred" on vacation!