Life of Fred: Edgewood

Life of Fred: Edgewood

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Product Description

by Stanley Schmidt

This is the fifth in the elementary series of Life of Fred math books. It is intended for 5-7 year old students and is the first book containing 2nd grade material.

Life of Fred: Edgewood can be read aloud and enjoyed together with your child. Life of Fred math books are unique. They present all the operations of mathematics through practical applications from the life of Fred, a five year old prodigy who teaches mathematics at KITTENS University somewhere in Kansas. Through the hilarious adventures of this diminutive professor, your child will learn not just how to "do" math but how to USE math. In other words, Fred teaches math mainly with very amusing "word problems." Instead of pages and pages of drill, Fred teaches by use and practical example. Even the problem sets are fun and are called: "Your Turn to Play."

Life of Fred books are not consumable and have a sturdy hard cover binding, allowing them to be passed from one child to another for many years.

For many children, Life of Fred will meet their math needs as they are quite comprehensive and teach the concepts well. There is quite a bit of review as well. However, some children will need extra help using manipulatives, games or other practice materials to thoroughly master the concepts. This is not due to any deficiency with Fred's teaching, but rather a fact of life that children have different learning styles and some learn math concepts faster or more easily than others.

Math Concepts Introduced:

Specific numbers:

One Million; π (pi); One Billion


Numbers that Add to 15; Numbers that Add to 17; Adding two- and three-digit numbers; Carrying the One in Addition;

Patterns and Functions

Doubling 1 ➔ 2 ➔ 4 ➔ up to 1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376 (which is 100 doubles); Functions; Finding Patterns; Consecutive Even Numbers; Guessing Functions; Constant Functions

Other Math Concepts

Digits in a Number; Two Dimes = 20 Cents; 7 - z = 4; Right Angles; Rectangles; Bar Graphs

Dangling participles, Concurrent Lines, Christina Rossettiís ďA Chill,Ē Dealing with Troubles, Parallel Lines, Trapezoids, Right Angles, Facing Things You Donít Want to Do, Functions, Rhombuses, Constant Functions, Tripoli, Eritrea, Median Average, Writing Larger Numbers with Commas, Using Logarithms to Solve 2x = 5, Birdie Rule for Logarithms, Finding Approximate values for log 5 on a Calculator, Bar Graphs, Math Poems, >, Couplets in Poetry, Strait does not mean Straight, Judging People by their Size, If Fred Were an Author, Numbers that Add to 8, 10, and 12, Population of the Earth, State Income Tax Rates as Percents, Definition of Polka Dots, Parallelograms, Rows and Columns of a Matrix, the Four Kinds of Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamation, Pronouns, Quarter of an Hour, Importance of Seat Belts, Small, Medium, and Large Mistakes, Busted vs. Broken, Half Dozen, Gibbous Moons, Dusk, Two Kinds of Knowledge Errors, Firearm Safety, Symptoms of Hypothermia, Voluntary and Involuntary Actions of the Body, Lorentz Contraction, International Date Line, Treatment of Hypothermia, the Addition Game Using Playing Cards, Alright Is Not a Word, Playing Guess-A-Function, Six Examples of Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Tangent, and Derivative, One Way to Feel Lonely, What It Means to Matriculate.

ISBN: 978-0-9791072-8-3
128 pages.