Multiply on the Fly

Multiply on the Fly




Product Description

by Suzanne Slade
Illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

From pirate bugs to spittlebugs to lovely Luna moths, children will love learning about the world’'s insects in Multiply on the Fly! Following in the footsteps of What’'s New at the Zoo? and What’'s the Difference, this rhythmic book teaches multiplication in a way that will make children "“bug" you for more. Teeming with fun facts, readers will multiply with a variety of insects, including daring dragonflies, hungry honeybees, and stealthy walking sticks. The  6 page For Creative Minds section in the back of the book keeps the fun rolling with facts about the insect life cycle, matching insect activities, and multiplication guides to make anyone a multiplication master. 
Ages 4-8
32 Pages

ISBN  9781607181385

Animals in the book:   firefly, grasshopper, luna moth, dragonfly, ant, honey bee, ladybug, pirate bug, walking stick, butterfly, spittlebug