Sir Cumference and the Off-The-Charts Dessert

Sir Cumference and the Off-The-Charts Dessert




Product Description

by Cindy Neuschwander

The yummiest way to learn about charts and graphs.

The eighth book in the popular Sir Cumference series introduces readers to different methods of collecting data.

Sir Cumference and Lady Di of Ameter are in a pickle. The castle cook is sick and the Harvest Faire is coming soon.  Who will make the special dessert for this annual event? The two bakers in town, Pia of Chartres and Bart Graf, are up to the task. But after sampling Piaís delicious pies and Bartís scrumptious cookies, Sir Cumference and Lady Di just canít choose! So, they come up with a solution: hold a contest and let the townspeople choose the dessert to be served at the Harvest Faire.

When Pia and Bartís methods of tracking their votes fail, they realize they need to come up with a better system. Pia puts a colored candy around the edges of a pie dough and Bart stacks his cookie molds so each color candy or mold shape represents a different kind of pie or cookie. Thus, the pie chart and bar graph are born! But when the contest ends in a tie, Pia and Bart concoct a hybrid recipe that everyone enjoys.

Ages 8-12
32 Pages
ISBN  9781570911996