Sir Cumference and the Roundabout Battle

Sir Cumference and the Roundabout Battle

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Product Description

A Math Adventure

By: Cindy Neuschwander / Illustrated by: Wayne Geehan

The castle is precisely under attack. Can Rounds 2 figure out a way to help?

Despite having to learn how to make accurate counts of the castle's stores of food, supplies, and weaponry, Rounds 2 decides to investigate a group of strangers camped nearby. When he reports back that an enemy is lying in wait, everyone moves quickly to defend the castle.

But wait! Will Rounds 2 be able to figure out how many bows and arrows they have to create an appropriate battle plan?

Using rounding techniques to figure out the totals more quickly, Rounds 2 is just in time to help stave off a potentially disastrous attack.

Wayne Geehan's whimsical illustrations are full of action and adventure, while accurately diagramming rounding techniques.

32 Pages

Ages 7-10

ISBN 9781570917660