Speed Mathematics Simplified

Speed Mathematics Simplified

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by Edward Stoddard

Entertaining, easy-to-follow suggestions for developing greater speed and accuracy in doing mathematical calculations. Surefire methods for multiplying without carrying, dividing with half the pencil work of long division, plus advice on how to add and subtract rapidly, master fractions, work quickly with decimals, handle percentages, and much more.

In an inspiring introduction, science writer Edward Stoddard offers important suggestions for mastering an entirely new system of figuring. Without having to discard acquired information about mathematical computation, students build on the knowledge they already have, "streamline" these techniques for rapid use and then combine them with classic shortcuts.

Initially, readers learn to master a basic technique known as the Japanese "automatic" figuring method - the principle behind the abacus. This method enables users to multiply without carrying, divide with half the written work of long division and mentally solve mathematical problems that usually require pencil and paper or a calculator. Additional chapters explain how to build speed in addition and subtraction, how to check for accuracy, master fractions, work rapidly with decimals, handle percentages and much more.

An invaluable asset for people in business who work with numbers on a variety of levels, this outstanding book will also appeal to students, teachers and anyone looking for a reliable way to improve skill and speed in doing basic arithmetic.

Unabridged Dover (1994) republication of the edition published by the Dial Press, New York, 1965.

304 Pages

ISBN 10: 0486278875
ISBN 13: 9780486278872

Carolyn's Comments:
If you are willing to learn a better, faster, easier way to do math, you can then teach it to your children. I highly recommend this method. You can literally skip hundreds of pages of workbooks and free up time for more productive pursuits.