Understanding Mathematics From Counting To Calculus

Understanding Mathematics From Counting To Calculus




Product Description

by Keith Kressin

Most realize the importance of being able to use math in today's society. However, reasons for solving math problems as taught often remain a mystery. This is because many learn math in school only by solving problems similar to examples.

Mathematics is a much mre fun, easy, and useful subject if understood.

Kressin supplies intuition and understanding in an easy-to-read, non-technical discussion. He begins with a subject everyone already understands - counting. Then he systematically builds on this topic until finally reaching the advanced math subject of Calculus.

Who Could Use This Book:

Parents who desire to help thier children
Motivated grade school students
Interested high school students
College students
Non-technical graduate students
Working professionals
Anyone who wants to finally understand math

Mathematics is Explained, from Counting to Calculus:

Eliminating the need to assume any prior level of mathematical understanding.
Ensuring a complete overview and understanding of mathematical concepts.
Removing unnecessary repetition of explanation.
Providing new perspectives on already familiar concept.
Creating a step-by-step progression from elementary to advanced topics.
Guaranteeing that this is the only math help book you'll ever need!

Special Features

Hundreds of detailed examples clarify concepts.
Shaded STEP-BY-STEP boxes provide the recipe for solving standard problems.
Bold type highlights commonly used mathematical definitions.
Pictures emphasize important concepts and support surrounding text.
Notepads at the end of each chapter list important math laws, key definitions, and the many topics presented.

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