Underwater Counting Even Numbers

Underwater Counting Even Numbers

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Underwater Counting 
Even Numbers

By: Jerry Pallotta / Illustrated by: David Biedrzycki

There's something fishy about this book . . .

Facts and figures to fill an ocean! Learn to count from zero to fifty, counting even numbers by two. Sound complicated? Not so, with page after page of unique and fascinating sea creatures to discover. Four odd-looking Clown Triggerfish help make counting fun and, although they have been extinct for millions of years, you can count thirty-two fierce-looking Elasmosaurs.

Jerry Pallotta's signature kid-friendly text, packed with fun facts, makes learning a kid's favorite pastime. With fun and informative books such as Underwater Counting: Even Numbers kids - like fish - are sure to stay in school.

Breathtaking and distinctive illustrations bring the vivid hues of the deep sea and the gentle green-blues of the sun-lit ocean's surface to life. Underwater Counting: Even Numbers is sure to spark the interest of budding oceanographers and mathematicians.

Ages 4-8

ISBN 9780881068009